Nov 132012

So, this is a short post, but it should be considered.

Several IRCC meetings ago, the IRCC decided to try and run an “experiment” to move Ubuntu-related non-support out of #ubuntu-offtopic, and into #ubuntu-discuss.

While the concept was sound, and was agreed upon in a majority, there’s some… operational flaws… i think need to be discussed.

The IRCC meeting on November 25, 2012, has a discussion on this in its agenda. I won’t be there to provide my views, since i’m stuck on a bus all day that day. But, here’s my opinions:

  1. The concept was sound, but there was little to no encouragement for users in #ubuntu to bring ubuntu-related discussion to the discuss channel.
  2. Very little awareness to the community of the -discuss channel resulted in very little usage.
  3. Very little actual discussion was brought up in channels, and where some discussion may have occurred, nobody was there to discuss it

That’s my opinions. I’m going to email this to the irc list anyways, so that the IRCC can bring up my statements at the meeting on my behalf.